A to B. An AB Fruits quick guide on February’s seasonal produce.

February’s highlights include forced British rhubarb, Monks beard and Sicilian blood oranges.

February’s top pick is forced British rhubarb. It has only recently come into season and already looks and tastes amazing. A great addition to any winter menu, best enjoyed in a crumple, pie or jam. Forced rhubarb is also high in antioxidants and oxalic acid which are both good for the body.

We have both purple and romanesco cauliflower available, both are a good pickup for February and go well in a roast. There is also a selection of squashes available, such as the delicata, acorn, red kuri and the ever reliable butternut squash.

Persimmons or kaki are currently available. They have a sweet and slightly nutty flavour and are best eaten fresh. Blood oranges are back in season and coming all the way from Sicily. They have more of a bitter taste when compared to regular oranges and are a beautiful shade red on the inside.

British bramley apples are a good pick up as they start come out of cold store. The same goes for braeburn, cox and gala apples. Lychees are nice little pickup during February, they have a sweet floral taste that pairs up quite nicely with any tropical fruit.

Monks beard (Agretti) is originally from Tuscany, where it is grown along the coast. It has a strong salty taste to it which is paired with a nice crunch. Tuscan monks would boil or lightly cook the monks beard, once ready it would be dressed with olive oil and lemon juice and finally, lightly seasoned with pepper and garlic. To find out more or to place an order contact us on 01234 262880.

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