AB Fruits July Market Report


Strawberries have been hit and miss recently due to the break between early and late crops, plus the elevated temperatures but hopefully this will improve as we head towards August. Red and Green Gooseberries are now available, they’re usually at their best during July and come to an end in August, so get them while you can.

Due to the hot weather there’s an abundance of Black Currants available, they look great but are only available between July and September so won’t be here for long. Red Currants are available all year round but they’re in season and at their best right now, their vibrant colour making them spot on for presentation.

All Stone Fruits are available including Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots and Cherries. We currently have product coming in from across the continent, with their quality holding steady. Prices have dropped from last month, so they make a great buy.

Citrus Fruits have been dear recently with problems in product from the Southern Hemisphere. Lemons, Limes and Oranges are the fruits affected, with supply issues leading to higher prices.


Rainbow Kale has arrived but stocks are limited but hopefully there should be small pockets available every week. Heritage or Rainbow Carrots are great, with options available in both the larger and baby varieties. Their quality is good, prices fair and they’ll add some colour to your plates.

English Marrow and Courgettes are quite plentiful and a good buy right now. Broad beans are still available and coming in fresh from our local farmer, they go excellent with his fresh Curly Kale.

The hot weather has meant Wild Mushrooms have suffered and there’s not much choice at present. The Morel season is all but over but our “A-A” grade Wild Mushroom Mix will always offer the freshest and best possible mix. Please call for up to date prices and options.

We have now moved onto Mexican and Peruvian Asparagus as the English Asparagus season came to an end. Hispy Cabbage and Cavolo Nero is coming in from our local farmer. They look beautiful and taste amazing but again the weather has stunted growth and stocks are limited.

Continental Squashes have started to arrive in the market along with Black Radish, Yellow Beans and Purple Garlic.


Our English Lettuces have found their footing in this new season. There is a wide range of fresh and pre-packed salads available including Rocket, Watercress, Land Cress and Red Chard. With Lollo Rosso and Oak Leaf looking particularly good right now.

There is still a wide range of Tomatoes available, with our Cherry Tomatoes and Heirloom Tomatoes looking near perfect. Tomatoes and Cucumbers are plentiful, with keen prices and high quality to match.


The wonderful summer weather has got people outside and sticking on the BBQ. To meet seasonal demand, we now have good stock of both 100% and 90% Beef Burgers and juicy Pork Sausages too. We also carry all the complements including Brioche Buns, Hot Dog Rolls, Cheese Slices, Relishes and Sauces.  If you’re planning a party or fete be sure to give us a call to find out more about our fantastic range.

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