AB Fruits June Market Report


English Strawberries are in season and available and will be with us all summer long. Early quality is very good and prices are keen too. We also have some lovely, plump English Blackberry’s & Raspberry’s and we expect Blueberry’s, Red Currents and Gooseberries towards the end of the month too.

All Stone Fruits are available including Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots and Cherries. We currently have product coming in from across the continent and the quality is getting better day by day. Prices are still a little firm but should ease as more product becomes available.

Honeydew & Watermelons have been in short supply and very expensive, which unfortunately has affected the quality as well. We understand this is a short-term blip and we’ll hopefully get some juicy Spanish or Greek Watermelons in the next couple of weeks. Alternatively, we have some beautiful Italian Canteloupe Melons in stock which smell amazing and make the perfect accompaniment to some thinly sliced Parma Ham, a real treat on a warm summers evening.

Elsewhere, we still have crunchy Conference Pears available and some tasty red blushed South African Forelle’s too.  English Outdoor Rhubarb is still available and we even have some coming from our local Farmer just up the road. Satsumas are very expensive, so we would suggest sticking to Oranges as an alternative.


The English Broccoli season has now started and the quality coming in from our suppliers P&I is superb. The season should run for a while and prices will be keen for as long as there’s plenty of product.

We’ve started with some fantastic local Hispi and Primo Cabbage and our Farmer reliably informs us that his block of Savoy Cabbage and Cauliflowers are just a week or so away. We’re also getting in local Cavolo Nero and Curly Kale, which is being picked fresh daily and the quality’s truly amazing.

English Broad Beans are also coming in locally and we’ve even had early English Peas in stock, which are coming out sweet and tender from their pods.

English Asparagus is ending and we’ve opted to move away from it early as the quality of what’s left isn’t great and the prices are high. We’ll be moving onto Mexican and Peruvian Asparagus but it will be pricey too, so we’d suggest moving onto more seasonal greens.

African veggies such as Mangetout, Sugar Snaps and Fine Beans have suffered quality issues due to turbulent weather conditions and that’s affected prices & availability. We’re sourcing the best we can but prices are a little firm for this time of year.

We’re in between seasons on Potatoes and Carrots and there have been some quality issues. Old crop potatoes will be coming out of cold storage from last year’s harvest and their age will tell. Our Corkers Potatoes remain the best for chipping and roasting and the Rooster Reds prove a good all-rounder. There’s still Jersey Royals and Cornish New Potatoes around, so get them while you can.

Dutch Red Cabbage is in short supply and has gone through the roof but the White remains keen. For a bit of colour, we have all the Beets in stock Red, Candy and Golden. There’s also Heritage Carrots in both the normal and baby varieties and for something different there’s Chard (Green & Rainbow) and Artichokes in season.


All our Lettuces are now English, the quality’s extremely good and availability plentiful. We also have a wide range of pre-packed Salads and Baby Leaves all from the UK including, Rocket, Mizuna, Watercress, Land Cress and Red Chard. Frisee and Lambs Leaf is still from France however as their quality is hard to beat.

The Dutch Season is now in full flow and there’s plenty of availability and as always, the quality’s spot on. Peppers & Aubergines have jumped up a little in price but Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Courgettes remain a liittle more settled.

There’s still a fantastic range of Tomatoes available from both the UK and the continent. Our favourite in recent weeks has been the Baby Plums which we’ve been eating like sweets! There really is a wide range to choose from, so call the office for up to date availability.


Wood Fired Pizzas are a growing craze and we’re pleased to stock a wide range of ingredients and toppings to satisfy the budding “Pizzaiola” in you. As proud stockists of Pan Artisan products their Hand Stretch Dough Balls are proving extremely popular but if you prefer to do it yourself we also have 25kg bags of Italian “0-0” Pizza Flour in stock.

We carry all the Pizza essentials such as 100% Mozzarella & Sliced Pepperoni but for a Pizza with an authentic Italian flavour why not try our Marrazzo Friarielli in Oil with Fresh Italian Sausage, which is produced just next door. The Friarielli Greens are the perfect complement to the fennel favoured Sausage and the combination goes wonderfully with pasta as well as pizza.

For hints, tips or to find out more about our exciting Pizza range please call the office and the boys will gladly offer some help and inspiration.

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