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    3rd October 2019


  • Pork Price Update

  • Due to a recent swine flu outbreak in China, the prices of European pork have increased. You can read about it in the ‘Pork Update’ from Leathams.

    18th February 2019


  • A to B. An AB Fruits quick guide on February’s seasonal produce.

  • February’s highlights include forced British rhubarb, Monks beard and Sicilian blood oranges. February’s top pick is forced British rhubarb. It has only recently come into season and already looks and tastes amazing. A great addition to any winter menu, best enjoyed in a crumple, pie or jam. Forced rhubarb is also high in antioxidants and oxalic acid which are both good for the body. We have both purple and romanesco cauliflower available, both are a good pickup for February and go well in a roast. There is also a selection of squashes available, such as the delicata, acorn, red kuri and the ever reliable butternut squash. Persimmons or kaki are currently available. They have a sweet and slightly nutty flavour and

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    11th July 2018


  • Bedford River Festival 2018

  • We are very nearly there, the Bedford River Festival is only three days away. For the fist time in its forty year history, we will have our very own AB Fruits stall. So please come down, say hello and enjoy some of the great summer delights we will have available.

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